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October: 31 Days to Keep a Tender Heart

Well, two of my favorite bloggers have chosen to pick a topic and write about it for the next 31 days. Ann Voskamp is writing 31 Days to Crazy Joy at and Emily P. Freeman is writing 31 Days to Hush at

I’m really intrigued by this idea of writing about something specific over the next 31 days and it’s a challenge that I want to accept. I’m also nervous because I don’t write that consistently and daily posts may be too much for me. On top of that, I think that what God is leading me to write about is 31 Days to Keep a Tender Heart. I think that this will involve even more vulnerability on my part and that’s scary too.
But, I feel a sacred invitation and grace to write about what God is teaching me. You see, I have a hard time keeping a tender heart. When life gets hard and I feel disappointed, I usually harden my heart to stop the pain. God has been gently teaching me a different way in the past few months, but it’s not perfected yet. I still find hardened chunks in my heart and allowing it to stay tender in the face of hurt, fear and loss is really hard to do. The tender parts are more exposed and vulnerable to further injury. But, they are also more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His fruits of joy, peace, love and gentleness.

So, I want to keep a tender heart and I’m committed to sharing some of my learning process with you over the next 31 days.
Still counting gifts:

·         #445: Perfect weather for Ava’s 6th birthday party, which was pirate themed

·         #446: Being asked to pray for people feeling emotionally stuck at my church

·         #447: When I was reading about how joy is always found in God’s presence and my heart overflowed in tears of gratitude that He has made a way for me to always be joyful

·         #448: Family and neighbors mingling around a campfire in the backyard

·         #449: Being physically able to run 3 miles and encounter God simultaneously

·         #450: Enjoying the solitude of the forest preserve in the early morning

·         #451: Learning how to share in other people’s suffering


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