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31 Days to Keep a Tender Heart: October 19

I’ve been fighting a cold this week. There, I finally admitted it.
A few people have asked me if this was the case over the past few days and I repeatedly said, “No.” I blamed allergies and changing temperatures initially. And, I’m sure those things contributed to my sore sinuses, my tender and tickling throat and the choking cough that gets provoked. (Those of you at church last weekend will remember what that is.)
Still Counting Gifts:
·         #569: I am thankful for this cold.
·         #570: This is the first time that I have been sick since June 2011!
·         #571: I’m not sick with a sinus infection or bronchitis as I used to be 4 to 5 times a year.
·         #572: I’m not confined to my bed or forced to sleep all day long because I’m so miserable.
·         #573: I’m actually very functional, just a little tired and dragging.
·         #574: This is just the thing that I need to give myself permission to say No to being overly active this weekend.
·         #575: This is a great excuse to spend my time in my pj’s reading my Bible, reading my favorite blogs, reading more of Grace for the good girl, praying, writing, drinking tea and taking naps.
I’m also going to share a few things that I have been reading during my recovery time that I think you may enjoy.
·         This moved me to tears. I have had these ugly moments where I see what is really inside my heart as it explodes out of my mouth and they are so horribly painful. I really appreciate how Ann tells this story and how she resolved that crisis with humility.
·         Joel Rosenberg just posted some videos from the recent Epicenter Conference. I was listening to his State of the Epicenter message about current affairs in the Middle East and it was really interesting. It’s about an hour though, so you will need some time.
·         During these 31 days of reflecting and writing on keeping a tender heart, I have been realizing how much I am still wrestling with perfectionism on a regular basis. I am committing myself to reading and digesting Grace for the good girl because I know that God wants to use this resource to continue to heal my heart in this area. Here is a link to Emily P. Freeman’s introduction on this book if you are interested:


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