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Holy Imagination

I started writing a blog post, but the topic felt old. I’m still struggling with all of the new and all of the changes. I’m still not adjusting as well or as quickly as I wish I was. I’m still struggling with feelings of fear and failure. But, I have written about all of this before and I don’t think that I really have anything new to say right now. I just need to keep leaning into my Beloved God. So, I decided to share with you one of my favorite holy imaginations that I have with God right now. I’m a little girl again. Big enough to run around, jump and sing, but not too big to crawl into my Abba’s lap when I’m feeling scared, tired or hurt. He cradles me in His big, strong arms and I can hear his faithful heart beat if I lean into His chest. I can see my knobby knees, bare feet and wiggling toes. They are dirty and sometimes knees have gotten scraped and toes have gotten stubbed. First, Father God quiets me. He stills the flow of anxious thoughts and slows the rapid pace of my heart.…

My trip to IHOP-KC and remembering who I am

I have been increasingly stressed about my job in the past month. I started dreading going and feeling really anxious. I would send up panicked prayers all the way there, sometimes there were tears and I started living for my days off.

At first, I denied that there was a problem and blamed my feelings and behavior on the fact that my life was crazy. But, my sister has been married for almost 3 weeks now. I’m settling in to my new office nicely, wedding planning is actually happening and we are making good progress. But, I still feel stressed about work. I have my second canker sore in a month, my stomach has been hurting and I had a migraine on Monday afternoon. Ben and I traveled to Kansas City this weekend to attend a friend’s wedding and spend some time at the International House of Prayer there. It ended up being a Fire in the Night reunion of sorts. We were able to have long conversations with my lovely friend Jessi, be encouraged by receiving prophetic prayer and connect meaningf…