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3 weeks ago today

I got married three weeks ago today.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our wedding since that day. This was my first week back to work, which meant that I got to talk a lot about that day and show pictures, because everything is still fresh and new and people are anxious to know how it went.

I have missed writing. Several times during our honeymoon, I almost grabbed my laptop because I had the urge to write. I never did, but I wanted to. I think that it felt too intimate to record in some ways. And, in others, I was just enjoying being lazy and carefree.

I plan to write about what I remember from my wedding. (Maybe even some things from our honeymoon. We shall see…) I don’t know what I will share, but I want to make a record of my memories and experiences from that day. Just three weeks later, but the feelings are less vivid and the mental pictures are less crisp. Fortunately, our photographer did an amazing job and I am thankful that I have those images to remind me.

Some of my favorite memories and snapshots:

Having Amy and Jessi escort me around that morning. They were not official attendants, but they attended to my every need that morning and I cherished their company.

When my mom was helping me with my jewelry and she teared up with joy. That was probably the first moment of the day where I felt the weight of what was happening and the ecstatic joy that accompanied it.

Making my way to our spot, up by where the barn used to be. It was there, just outside the door, where I first met Ben Striker. It was there, under a night sky with fireworks that I told him I would become his wife. And, it was there that he stood, blind-folded, waiting for me. I held the train of my dress high, to keep it out of the dirt, clutched my gorgeous bouquet of wild flowers, and went out to meet him. I had never seen such a look of delight and wonder on his face as when I lifted that blindfold.

Wandering all over the farm with our wedding party and photographer to capture moments.

How God was literally a rushing wind all around us. The wind was gusting strong that day. To me, it meant that God was with us and He was so excited that He was racing around the property all day long.

Standing in the kitchen, watching all of our friends and family arrive and find seats. Knowing and struggling to believe that they were there for us and that our day had finally come.

When the wind was threatening to carry away the chuppah that we were getting married beneath. Without a word, Eric and Andrew came to stand on either side of us and hold it firm. It was a beautiful reminder of how strong God’s covering is.

Dancing with my dad and when he told me that he loved me and that he was so proud of me. I felt the warmth of his approval and affection.

Riding away in the hay wagon, pulled by a tractor, through a tunnel of beloved people cheering for us was one of my most favorite moments.

I can remember that day during my internship at IHOP-KC when God pressed me to ask Him for a wedding blessing. I wept because my heart was so tired of waiting and hoping. It felt too risky to ask God to bless me with a wedding when that possibility felt so remote.

I am thankful that God encouraged me to pray as He did. I am thankful that I made my request for a wedding blessing known to Him. And He did bless me and my wedding. It was so much more than I could have ever asked for or imagined.


  1. It was an intimate and beautiful wedding in a way that only happens when God has done it. My heart was so touched seeing the wonder, delight and tender love reflected on your faces. And I thought Ben was going to melt everything with the looks he kept giving you! Way past soulful and into smoldering! :) So glad to have been there to celebrate with you! Nyla

  2. Ah, the priceless and so-sweet gifts of a Heavenly Father who knows and loves us so well! Thank you, Jody, for sharing so personally, this journey that you have been on. It is encouraging and faith-building for us to hear how you have pushed through to quiet rest in His goodness. Your wedding was a foretaste of that glorious day when Jesus will come to take us up as His pure bride. Come quickly, Jesus, and may we be found waiting and ready for You!!!


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