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September 1: 3 gifts summer

September 1: 3 gifts summer
  • #309: Breakfast out in downtown Chicago with a dear friend
  • #310: Encouraging people to pursue the dreams that God has given them
  • #311: Humid weather curling my hair
  • #312: Cold Dr. Pepper and hot pizza at the end of a move
  • #313: A beautifully crafted desk that suddenly became mine when it didn't fit where it was supposed to go
  • #314: Quiet reflection in the car
  • #315: Falling into bed at the end of a long day
September 2: 3 gifts cut
  • #316: Fresh mown grass
  • #317: Pineapple: yellow, fragrant sweetness and delicious
  • #318: Homemade pizza with mozzarella, parmesean, tomato and basil
  • #319: Organizing the store room with mom and Karyn
  • #320: Helping my dad bottle beer
  • #321: A night out with my parents
  • #322: Learning what a blue moon actually is
September 3: 3 gifts yellow
  • #323: Crepes full of melted butter and sugar
  • #324: Farm cucumbers
  • #325: Cornbread muffins
  • #326: Installing my new desk in my office
  • #327: Feeling my smile stretch across my whole face as I admire it
  • #328: Reading the WORD aloud in downtown Rockford
  • #329: The roar of my family talking all at once when we're together
  • #330: Friends who fit right in
  • #331: Bonfire season starting
  • #332: Playing outside
  • #333: Dashing inside when it starts to rain
September 4: A gift cool, warm, sun-soaked
  • #334: Air-conditioning in 90 degree weather
  • #335: The sun on my forearm as I drive
  • #336: The familiar feel of the HOP after several days away
  • #337: Seeing how God works
  • #338: Contending for youth in this city and my practice
  • #339: Catching up on Bible reading
  • #340: Finally finishing Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder!
September 5: 3 gifts autumn
  • #341: Early morning rain when I'm snuggled in bed, trying to awake to the day
  • #342: How much I actually want the weather to start getting cooler
  • #343: Edward's Apple Orchard, where I long to visit, but haven't been yet this season
  • #344: How tender God is with my heart
  • #345: Time in my office to read, think and write
  • #346: How counting gifts really does help me to feel better
  • #347: The reassurance that my singleness really is God's gift of love to me today
  • #348: Opportunities to keep trusting and confessing that God is good AND loving ALL the time
  • #349: A chance to be a light in some very dark places
  • #350: Blog writers like Ann Voskamp and Emily P. Freeman who inspire me to share my heart authentically as I pursue the LORD wholeheartedly


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