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September 20:

  • #411: Singing patriotic songs at Rotary club
  • #412: Enjoying a nice finish to a much more relaxed work week
  • #413: Dinner with the Pearcy ladies and brainstorming future fun things that we can do to continue connecting with one another
  • #414: Being able to use Google maps on my phone when I'm lost
  • #415: Hanging out with Laura even though I was so tired that I almost fell asleep while talking

September 21:

  • #416: A nice continental breakfast
  • #417: Attending a professional seminar
  • #418: Learning helpful and practical tools
  • #419: Realizing that the Holy Spirit really does lead me into effective counseling strategies
  • #420: Driving into Chicago with tons of traffic and not feeling frustrated because I was in no hurry
  • #421: Revisiting some Chicago favorites like Sweet Mandy B's, Julius Meinl and Mythos Restaurant
  • #422: Dinner, deep conversation and lots of laughter with Miss Lilita

September 22:

  • #423: Running with Karyn and Lily
  • #424: Laughing with Karyn as we struggle through Jillian Michael's 30 day shred workout video
  • #425: Eating frosted sugar cookies and watching The Biggest Loser to celebrate our good workout
  • #426: Singing with Mackenzie and how worship can be like Heaven coming down
  • #427: Praying corporately
  • #428: Late night movie with my parents

September 23:

  • #429: Catching up on reading my favorite blogs:,, Exodus Cry and Kimberly Smith of Make Way Partners
  • #430: Visiting the MacDonald family farm
  • #431: Watching 3 dogs jump in and out of the pond in hot pursuit of a big stick
  • #432: Telling funny stories
  • #433: Making baked potatoes for dinner
  • #434: Watching a movie with mom and laughing so hard I almost cried

September 24:

  • #435: My first run with frost on the ground and my breath coming out in visible puffs
  • #436: Time with God out in the sunroom with my coffee and the prayer room web stream
  • #437: Praying for my clients
  • #438: Attending mom's Bible study and feeling fiercely proud of what a Bible scholar she really is
  • #439: Finding Lily asleep on my bed at the end of the day

September 25

  • #440: Scrambling 72 eggs in a big metal bowl at the soup kitchen
  • #441: Coffee and quiet time in my office to start the day
  • #442: Celebrating the incredible work of transformation that God is doing in so many of my clients' lives
  • #443: Reading Hiding from Love and being so challenged and encouraged, personally and professionally
  • #444: Leaving work in the middle of the day to get with God at the Rock River House of Prayer


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