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I'm struggling with the September joy dare because her gift topics are hard to find. Instead of feeling challenged to look even harder, I keep procrastinating writing out my gifts. I want to do the joy dare perfectly, but I can't. Instead of waiting for that magic moment when I will have a perfect answer for each 3 gifts each day, I have decided to just write out 3 gifts from each day and skip the categories.

September 6:

  • #351: Another crazy-busy day that I pray to make it through
  • #352: My quiet, reflective celebration as I replay the events of the day on my ride home from work
  • #353: Excited anticipation of a weekend away with mom, dad and extended family

September 7:

  • #354: Sharing ourselves through hours of conversation in the car
  • #355: Gathering with extended family to celebrate a marriage
  • #356: Excited hugs and smiles at our reunion
  • #357: Getting inside right before the rain starts pouring down
  • #358: Funny and engaging conversation about Meyers-Briggs and everyone's personality preferences

September 8:

  • #359: Breakfast at Peppermint's
  • #360: Restaurant coffee that actually tastes good
  • #361: Midday at The Old Toad
  • #362: British accents and laughing loud
  • #363: Megan and Chris' wedding
  • #364: A beautiful night of celebration and conversation with family

September 9:

  • #365: Sleeping in
  • #366: Brunch and more conversation
  • #367: Visiting Grandad and touring his home
  • #368: Pita pizza's
  • #369: French films with their bizarre story lines and stunning cinematography

September 10:

  • #370: Sleeping in the car and waking up in a new state
  • #371: Finally finding a starbucks!
  • #372: Coming home
  • #373: How the intensity of my week stretches before me and I find myself praying desperately

September 11:

  • #374: Welcoming visitors in my office
  • #375: Seeing 10 people in 1 day, 9 within a 7 hour period
  • #376: How God sustained me in what was impossible
  • #377: The quiet burn in my stomach that warns me I'm pushing it too much

September 12:

  • #378: New contacts
  • #379: Samples of face wash, an answer to a secret prayer
  • #380: Cancellations that feel welcome because it gives me time to breath, to pray, to read and to think
  • #381: Going out to eat
  • #382: When I can really share my heart
  • #383: A friend who really understands

September 13:

  • #384: Another long day of work
  • #385: Being surprised by time I didn't know I would have
  • #386: Watching TV with my mom to unwind at the end of the day

September 14:

  • #387: My first Rotary Academy meeting
  • #388: Feeling excited to work with students in a school setting again
  • #389: When I turn my office in a room of prayer
  • #390: The start of the Aglow retreat
  • #391: My mom and how I forget how absolutely amazing she is and then feel overwhelmed with gratitude and joy when I remember it again

September 15:

  • #392: When I prepare for one thing and something totally different happens
  • #393: When I feel uncomfortable by what God seems to be doing in other people
  • #394: When I realize that my heart is hard toward God
  • #395: The way it hurts when I choose to let me heart be tender again even though that makes it vulnerable
  • #396: Being able to teach what God is teaching me
  • #397: Praying for women
  • #398: Singing

September 16:

  • #399: Nespresso in the morning
  • #400: Fresh waffles
  • #401: Playing with Ava, Noah and Kingston
  • #402: Resting on the day of rest

September 17:

  • #403: Clean teeth
  • #404: Choosing to go to the HOP during the day since it's been hard to get there at night
  • #405: The way I feel close to God when I am there
  • #406: A quieter work week with time and space to enjoy God, take care of responsibilities and connect with people
  • #407: A new season of Bible study under my mom's gifted leadership

September 18:

  • #408: Being at the House of Prayer in the middle of the day, for the 2nd day in a row
  • #409: Getting to leave work early and feeling peaceful about it
  • #410: Babysitting and how excited those kids are to see me


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