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Halfway through August

August 10: 3 hard eucharisteo
  • #250: Celebrating my youngest brother's marriage while I keep waiting for my own
  • #251: Choosing to praise God anytime the feelings of longing or jealousy come
  • #252: Trusting God when people I love really hurt in the face of unanswered prayers
  • #253: Believing that both the good and the bad really are God's goodness and love for each one of us today
August 11: 3 gifts of metal
  • #254: The espresso machine at Starbucks
  • #255: Patrick and Haley's wedding rings
  • #256: Roller coasters at Cedar Point! (This was technically from the 12th, but I can't resist counting it here)
#257: Singing and dancing along to the Rio love song at the end of the wedding

#258: A new sister

#259: Chipotle, followed by a chocolate dipped cone from Dairy Queen and then the hot tub

August 12: 3 gifts half-hidden
  • #260: Roads that we would never see if the GPS didn't warn us to be watching
  • #261: Quality time with family, found waiting in line
  • #262: The moment when the coaster crests the hill and starts down the other side, leaving me feeling weightless as I lift up in the seat and the cart plunges down
August 13: 3 gifts in green
  • #263: Highways signs giving us the Chicago countdown from Ohio
  • #264: Grass starting to grow again along the road
  • #265: The body pillow, fluffy across my bed at home, inviting me back at the end of a weekend away
#266: Dinner at Chick Fil A on the way home. Yum!

August 14: A gift in a ring, curve, sphere
  • #267: Serving steaming hot sausage gravy from the big ring of a metal pot to hungry people in need
#268: 7 clients in the same day

#269: 2 new clients who didn't come, giving me extra time to comfort someone else who was in great need

#270: My "on" week with every-other-week clients and celebrating their wonderful progress

August 15: 3 gifts ugly-beautiful
  • #271: My clients who are struggling to manage their emotions and suffering
  • #272: The hurt of divorce
  • #273: Trusting God when you can't see or understand what He's doing
  • #274: Comforting those who mourn
August 16: 3 gifts of family
  • #275: Mandy's birthday lunch on the 15th and special time to connect
  • #276: Sitting around the table playing Scooch and playful teasing
  • #277: Making coffee for Patrick in exchange for a soft pretzel he made for me
  • #278: Dinner where we all cram around the table, sitting close to one another and talking loud
August 17: 3 gifts in the morning
  • #279: Runs with Lily in the forest preserve and how excited she gets
  • #280: Being surprised by another yellow lab on a walk
  • #281: Cooking breakfast and savoring every bite while I sip coffee and read the paper
  • #282: Meeting a friend
  • #283: Driving with the windows down and the fresh air streaming in
  • #284: Coming home to a house full of family and friends
#285: When I forgot to pray for my client at the end of our session and they asked me, "Aren't you going to pray for me?"

#286: "Yes, I am going to pray for you. That's my favorite part. Thank you for reminding me."

#287: Being able to pray authentically over a client in pain over an unfulfilled longing with a deep empathy from my own experience with unanswered prayers.

#288: My part-time job in full-partnership with God that gives me great joy

#289: My life so rich and so blessed


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