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Catching up on counting gifts

It's been almost a week since I posted my gift list. So, there's a lot to be thankful for!

July 13: 3 gifts curled

  • #153: Ava's golden hair, framing her face, as she chatters away in the backseat on the way to summer camp and home again
  • #154: Colorful balloons being shaped into animals by an old man at the city market
  • #155: A green garden hose that watered the dry and thirsty lawn when I rolled it back up

#156: An impromptu game of bocce ball in the middle of the day with two of my brothers

#157: The city market, dinner and a movie with Patrick and Haley

July 14: 3 gifts yellow

  • #158: The sun shining through the rain clouds as I drove to visit my friend Laura and my feelings about having time with her
  • #159: A cold glass of Boston summer lager on a very hot day
  • #160: Lily, who faithfully greets me every time I return home with vigorous tail-wagging

#161: Enjoying worship so much that I lost track of time and felt surprised when it suddenly ended

#162: When everyone stayed around to keep praying after the service had ended because God was listening and we were contending

July 15: 3 gifts of stone

  • #163: The tile under my feet at Starbucks, where Karyn drank a steamer, I drank a latté and we both played Ticket to Ride, twice
  • #164: Pretending I was a stone when I sat on the loveseat with Karyn and watched The Biggest Loser for hours
  • #165: My heart-shaped rock that a very special student found and gave me when we were in St. Pierre

#166: Meeting new people who share my same love for the Bible and good conversation about it

#167: My wonderful neighbor-friend Nikki came back home!

July 16: 3 gifts hanging down

  • #168: Tree branches and leaves that shaded me during my morning run
  • #169: Baskets full of beautiful flowers
  • #170: My quilt hung over the bannister as it dries

#171: My parents came back home after a wonderful weekend of camping

#172: A chance to detox and cleanse my body in partnership with a friend

#173: Going to bed with my new book

July 17: 3 gifts learned

  • #174: The chocolate protein shake tastes better than the vanilla and that's the one that I should order
  • #175: Listening is often the best thing that I can offer my clients
  • #176: Receiving compliments is nice, even though it feels awkward

July 18: 3 gifts musical

  • #177: Just keep coming back to Me by Abby Joy Newell
  • #178: Listening to music that reminds me of when I was in graduate school as I float down the lazy river
  • #179: Mackenzie Hoover leading worship at the Rock River House of Prayer


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