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1001 gifts

I'm going to count gifts today.
  • #981: Waking up early without wanting to cry
  • #982: I have met all of my exercise goals for this month
  • #983: AND I still feel excited about my exercise goals for this month
  • #984: Ben fixed my tail-light and I can drive my car without fear of being pulled over
  • #985: 
    My cute and comfortable red skirt
  • #986: We tried a new soup recipe last week and it turned out really delicious
  • #987: Reading for pleasure
  • #988: The sobering realization, yet again, that I cannot do my job, at all, without deep partnership with God
  • #989: New clients AND familiar clients
  • #990:
    Baby plants are growing at the farm!
  • #991: I have serious silly-ness hidden within me and Ben knows right where to find it
  • #992: Surprising my parents by installing the new microwave while they were gone
  • #993: Recognizing that knowing how to handle "not getting what you want when you want it" well is one of the most valuable life skills and being able to cultivate it despite discomfort
  • #994: Thin mint coffee creamer sweetening my afternoon
  • #995:
    Time in my day to relax and create
  • #996: Practicing the piano twice before I even get to my last-chance practice at 9 PM on Monday night
  • #997: Chapstick and hand creme
  • #998: Reading about King Saul in 1 Samuel and understanding how the fear of man can really mess you up
  • #999: Grace to care more about loving God than impressing the people around me
  • #1000: Fullness of joy found in relationship with God
  • #1001: How making space in my schedule for rest and being has made life feel so much more possible


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