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My Stitch Fix Story

I've decided to tell my Stitch Fix Story as a fun distraction from my usually serious blog material. :)

(Actually, Stitch Fix is asking people to tell their stories and offering a grand prize of $1000 in Stitch Fix credit. This is what has truly motivated me.)

Stitch Fix is a company that offers personal styling and sends items right to your home. You start by completing a style profile questionnaire that helps them determine your style and fit preferences. You pay a $20 styling fee that you can use toward purchasing items from your fix and you chose a date for your items to arrive. Then, Stitch Fix sends you a delightful box with five items picked just for you and the real fun begins.

I first heard about Stitch Fix on my favorite blog, Chatting at the Sky by Emily P. Freeman. It sounded really fun and I knew that my sister Karyn, fashionista that she is, would love it too. So, we both completed style profiles and chose the same date for delivery of our Stitch Fixes.

We waited in great anticipation all morning until the UPS truck pulled up in front of our parents' house. Lily's barking at the sound of the doorbell could not compete with our delighted shrieks as we raced for the door like little girls on Christmas morning. We tore into our boxes and discovered amazing clothes picked just for us.

Karyn had specially requested items for her honeymoon cruise and received several lightweight shirts and dresses that were fashionable and perfect for tropical weather. I had specially requested items to wear when meeting Ben's family for the first time at his sister's graduation. I ended up loving three of my items: two shirts and a dress. I wore the dress to Amy's graduation and I wore one of the shirts in our engagement photos. 

Pink Martini - Briana Bird Print Belted Dress - $88.00

DownEast - Stevie Contoured Top - $35.00

This experience was so incredibly fun and exciting that Karyn and I were sure that we wanted to do it again. We also talked our mom into joining us. Stitch Fix #2 was even more fun because the three of us took turns pulling items out of our boxes, trying them on and admiring them.

Here is what I got in Stitch Fix #2:

Ellison - Brooke Dot Print Tab Sleeve Blouse - $38
41Hawthorn - Orinda Stretch Banded Leggings - $38

I decided to keep the blouse and the leggings. The blouse has a nice fit. I like that I can wear it long or roll up the sleeves. It's also not pastel and I tend to wear lots of pastels. I would not usually spend this much money on leggings, but these are the most comfortable leggings that I have ever experienced!

41Hawthorn - Rectangle Cluster Statement Necklace - $38

Lansome - Christina Printed Peplum Dress - $48

I decided not to get this dress because it was quite fitted on bottom and I didn't feel comfortable in it, even with the leggings. But, I absolutely loved the necklace! And, that was a surprise to me. But, I have worn it several times since and I always get compliments.

My absolute favorite in this fix was the cardigan. You can't see it in the picture, but it has a knit overlay on one of the top white stripes and it is so cute how it ties. I have never seen a cardigan quite like this and am so excited for the weather to get colder so that I can wear it!

Evolution by Cyrus - Munro Tie-Waist Striped Cardigan - $60
If you think that you would like to try a Stitch Fix, then I strongly encourage you to do it. I have loved both of my fixes and think that it's a great way to explore new clothes.

You can check out their website at:

And, if you want me to receive referral credit, then you can click on this link: 


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