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A trip to France and approaching a year of marriage

When we got engaged, my wonderful French friend invited us to spend our honeymoon in France. She owns a small cottage by the sea and a home in the mountains there, as well as a wonderful little condo in Chicago.

I've been to France several times, even living there for a semester during college, and I really wanted to bring Ben to visit this country that I love. But, I knew that we would be far too exhausted to enjoy a trip to France just after the feat of planning a wedding. So, I asked my friend if we could use her Chicago condo for our first few days of marriage and save our trip to France for this summer. She graciously accepted.

We spent a little over two weeks in France at the beginning of August. It was absolutely delightful and oh so romantic. It was truly a second honeymoon and we felt extremely blessed that the Lord had given us a double portion because our first honeymoon was also so lovely.

I found myself comparing this trip to my trip to France for my 30th birthday. It was easy to do because I was staying in all of the places that I had stayed in before and I was able to visit my friend again. It was also very different because I was with Ben and no longer single.

Reflecting on this trip and making comparisons led to revelation about things that have been changing in me during this year of marriage. My experience with the sea offers a wonderful example.

When I came to France 3 years ago, I took my towel to the beach and found a place in the midst of everyone else. I swam in the roped off section because that is the place designated for swimming. It is supervised by a life guard and felt safest.

When I came to France with Ben, he climbed over all the rocks, explored the length of the beach and found hidden spots with room for two towels. We changed spots almost every day and swam in the sea just in front of us. I don't think that I swam in the roped off section once. I did hike further than I had before. I did take risks as I climbed up and over rocks after my husband. I did delight as I sat on a huge boulder, with the waves crashing below us, and watched the beautiful horizon, snuggled up against my love.

Ben is wild and adventurous and I am too, when I am beside him. He inspires me to take more risks and to push the limits of my creativity. Ben sees the beauty in me, even when I am ugly towards him. He reminds me to say, "Yes" to God and he helps me to believe that this is something that I usually do even though I actively struggle with sin and imperfection. Ben enjoys me when I'm silly and releases me to be myself fully, even when that includes stormy feelings and passionate reactions.

As we approach our one year anniversary of marriage this weekend, I am so thankful for my husband, Ben. This has been the best year of my life. I have cooked more, made more music, been more goofy, thrown more tantrums, enjoyed more adventures, loved more deeply and been more authentically myself than ever before. God has given me such a wonderful friend and husband and I cannot wait to spend more of my life with him.

Happy Anniversary My Love!

Still Counting Gifts:

  • #1015: Another cool morning run 
  • #1016: Time and energy to work on our home (organizing, moving, changing things!)
  • #1017: my good friend Jessi Fisher is coming to visit this weekend
  • #1018: I get to make cupcakes for my niece's birthday party
  • #1019: Sunshine on my face
  • #1020: Baked oatmeal
  • #1021: A whole day at home to rest and recreate
  • #1022: Our house of prayer community
  • #1023: God is pursuing all of me, every single part, with love


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