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 It's snowing outside my window. It just started to stick a little bit. I can see it on the trees and covering the leaves.

This is the first snow of the season. It means change is coming. Fall coats are no longer be sufficient. Hats, scarves and gloves become a part of my daily wardrobe. My car needs time to warm up and I should fill up with gas when it gets down to 1/4 tank.

I really like this time of year. Fall is ending and winter is coming. I like snuggling in front of a fire and wearing sweaters. I like drinking hot chocolate, apple cider and spice tea, in addition to my usual coffee consumption. I like Thanksgiving, the holiday and the practice.

While I welcome this change in season, I am so aware of how I am struggling in my own transition.

I have spent several hours contacting insurance companies to change my name now that I am doing business as Jody Striker, LCPC.

Ben is still collecting our things from the various places where we have been storing them. They are piling up in the living room and store room until we can decide how to set up our home.

We are working and reworking our schedules: work, House of Prayer, cooking, working out, church and time with friends. How much time do we invest into each of these areas? When do we say "Yes" and when do we say "No"? What is really important to each one of us and how do we support each other in those things? What does our life look like now that we are married?

I am really struggling in this transition. More than I thought that I would be.

I would like to blame this on the fact that I have basically been in transition for the past two years and I'm sick of it. I'm tired of everything changing and constantly having to adapt.

But, I actually think that it's more than that. Change is hard. For everyone. Including me.

I returned to Centre College in Danville, KY for my 10 year reunion at the beginning of November. It was SO fun to be back and reconnect with good friends. It was also powerful to remember all that God has done since then. A lot has changed in the past 10 years and I struggled to accommodate then as I am now. But, I can also look back and see how those seasons of change helped me to lean into my Beloved God and how that posture of dependence on Him produced such great growth within me.

I don't like transition and how it pulls at me and wears me down. I do like being conformed to the image of Christ and I believe that God uses transition to do that. I hope that I transition quickly, but I choose to trust in God for my joy and help until it's done.

Still Counting Gifts:

#896: A wonderful reunion
#897: Hours of conversation
#898: Beautiful fall colors in Kentucky
#899: Thin mint coffee creamer
#900: Self time-outs in my bed
#901: We finally got our YMCA membership
#902: New clients
#903: Running with Karyn and how she let me walk when I needed to
#904: Sibling bonfire in my parents backyard
#905: First snow
#906: Grace in my weakness
#907: A relaxing bath, with jets, and Real Simple
#908: Working at communication
#909: Forgiveness
#910: Pomegranate seeds in my oatmeal
#911: Ben makes me coffee in the morning
#912: Butter Chicken Curry paste
#913: Patience in others when I am struggling


  1. Jody-- love your updates. I see on here "YMCA"-- I teach the 9:00 a.m. pilates at the IDP (downtown) on Wednesdays. I'd love to see you there. It is in the Sundstrand gym.


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